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Sustainable STEM Incursions Melbourne Australia


Sustainable STEM incursions are a must for Early Years Centres and Kindergartens who want to up-skill in STEM practise and add value to their children's education.

Book in a term of weekly STEM incursions and explore sustainable STEM through all the rooms of your childcare centre. Rooms include kindergarten, pre-kindergarten, and toddlers. An incursion term is based on 8 weeks of bookings with the cost $110* per week (1 hour split over your requested rooms with a maximum of 8 children per session) .

In each incursion, I will come to you and provide a rich learning experience in each room for around 15 to 20 minutes depending on the number of rooms you request.  Before the incursion, I will send you materials and information on what topic will be covered. That way you can scaffold the learning of the children and prepare them for the day. During the incursion, I will bring all the equipment to be used and leave behind a game or activity for you to continue the learning.

Each incursion lesson is designed in a way that will help Educators integrate both STEM inquiry-based learning and sustainability practices into the classroom.  This can help support your centre as a whole and increase your ACECQA department rating.

Of course, you won’t just be able to incorporate STEM learning with minimal expense into your rooms, or boost your rating prowess, and have education support you will also receive pre-written learning story templates about each STEM experience aligned with the EYLF. 

How will this help Educators?

A STEM incursion frees Educators time up to concentrate on individual children’s experiences, developmental skill observations, and give more opportunities to you to hear the voices of your children.  

How it works:

Before the incursion, I send you an email with an update on what we will be doing in the session. This will include Educator instructions, pre-incursion worksheets and a description of what materials I will bring. Information on how this adds to your Centre’s sustainability and STEM practices will be included in this email.

Then I will come into your Centre or Kindergarten and deliver approximately a 15 to 20 minute incursion into each of your selected rooms or inquiry-based STEM. 

At the end of each class I will leave you with a recycled game, puzzle or activity for your Centre or Kindergarten to keep and send through a learning story template for you to add photos and the children’s experiences too.