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"What happens to food when you're done chewing?" Is an essential early years children's STEM book that will have the children retelling the story to their friends.  

This winning children’s picture book "From Chewing to Pooing: Food’s Journey Through Your Body to the Potty" answers this question in simple rhyme with playful illustration, making the complex process of digestion accessible for little ones alongside human anatomy and philosophy. 

While most children are eager to learn about their bodies, understanding this particular function is especially reassuring for those who are anxious about going poo. A back section for caregivers, by pediatrician Natalie Gehringer MD., provides simple ways to support healthy digestion. "From Chewing to Pooing" is both a fun way to introduce young learners to human biology, and a tool to help reduce bathroom anxiety.

Lauded as "an essential book in a preschool program" by Preschool Director.

Yasmeen Kamrani and "my son's favourite book.

We read it before bed every night" by NYT best selling author and gastroenterologist, Will Bulsiewicz MD MSCI.

"From Chewing to Pooing" has been embraced by educators, medical professionals, parents and most importantly, children.

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