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Beautifully wooden, compact and storage friendly, plus easy to clean up. These classic wooden building blocks just got a whole lot more fun with the addition of educational challenges. And unlike their brainy toy cousins, you can can captivate your little ones attention using the 2D puzzle cards to give yourself some freedom and enjoy other things. 

    • EDUCATIONAL : Because you value your kids education
    • WOODEN: Because you want toys that last 
    • REUSABLE: Because you care about the environment

    • QUALITY : Because you want them to last
    • STORAGE BAG: Because at the end of the day you want to easily pack away

This Brain Builders Junior kit combines 20 classic wooden KEVA planks with a cool set of kid friendly puzzle cards. These cards are perfect for even the youngest of builders and the recognisable 2-D objects become invitations to recreate the pattern into a 3-D structures. The cards are numbered in order of difficulty, ranging from beginner to expert and incorporate maths learning with engeeneering principles. 

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