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STEM tubs are used by Teachers and Early Year Educators as classroom learning centres. They provide deep integration of maths, design, engineering, science, technology, art for pre-K, kindergarten and prep learners.


    • One size fits all, fitting comfortably in any hand
    • Non-toxic and offers minimal cleanup
    • Comes with a durable container so you can put it straight into your resource area
    • A new way to build and create

STEM tubs are used by Teachers and Early Years Educators as classroom learning opportunities that you can grab and go. Imagine 11 3-year-olds starting to get bored because they are bored of the materials in class and you need something fast.  You open your resource cupboard and BOOM, there you have it. A ready to go STEM resource that will provide your little ones with deep integration of maths ideas, design abilities, engineering scaffolding, science exploration, and art opportunities all in one go.

Each STEM Tub I have created is unique and provides many STEM activities in one tub. It's easy to grab out and pack up and play plus it adds exciting free play STEM additions to a classroom with no effort. The initial cost is inexpensive when you need to replenish it you will find it easy to do. Best of all there are unlimited STEM extensions available for this Tub, it is all up to your imagination.

This is the full kit that includes everything that you need. Additionally, you can purchase the PDF files and use your own equipment to create your own STEM tub.

Included in this purchase:

  • 1 x Tub
  • 90 x Larger paddle pop sticks preloaded with velcro ends
  • Digital Downloads in PDF files
    • 8 x Idea igniter cards to challenge
    • 3 x Can you make it design posters to put up to inspire

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