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This TUB is for you Teachers. It has items that I use everyday in the classroom and it allows me to provide activities to scaffold children's interests while managing a busy classroom with minimal effort.  

STEM tubs are used by Teachers and Early Year Educators as classroom learning centres. They provide deep integration of maths, design, engineering, science, technology, art for pre-K, kindergarten and prep learners.


    • 5 UV Black Light Pens 
    • 1 x iPad / iPhone 60x zoom, Clip-on Microscope
    • 1 x White Paint Pen
    • 1 x Soft Retractable Measuring Tape
    • 5 x Pipettes (3mls)
    • 1 x Glass prism
    • 1 x Gaff Tape and 1 x Tasking Tape

STEM tubs are used by Teachers and Early Years Educators as classroom learning opportunities that you can grab and go. Imagine 11 3-year-olds starting to get bored because and you need something fast.  You open your resource cupboard and BOOM, there you have it. A ready to go STEM resource that will provide your little ones with deep integration of maths ideas, design abilities, engineering scaffolding, science exploration, and art opportunities all in one go.

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